Week 4 of the Tuesday Night Trivia Tourney is here! What better way to spend a Tuesday than by lubing up your brain with a little Broken Compass beer and test your brainsicles on any topics ranging from skiing and snowboarding techniques, the horrible climate of the Midwest and the fastest group of turtles in the world. Here's the tourney rules! (but remember, you can always play each for fun and weekly prizes) 

Rules And Regulations

- Tournament lasts six weeks (Oct. 17th, 24th, 31st, Nov. 7th, 14th, 21st)
- No more than five participants per team, per week
- Minimum of two permanent team members representing that team in a given week
- No cell phones
- Must hold a beer in hand at all times (just kidding) 

Now for the fun part:


1st Place: Our winning trivia team will once again have the opportunity to craft their own Broken Compass beer, working with our brew team from the recipe creation to the brewing process, and culminating in a specialty release in our taproom for their own handcrafted beer! 

2nd Place: Rare barrel tastings and a pizza party at the brewery! There's nothing quite as satisfying as slamming a nail in a barrel and watching smooth, delicious barrel aged beer trickle out. 

3rd Place: Basket-o-swag: Broken Compass has the coolest swag in the land, and it could all be yours. 

Everyone else: You get to play trivia at Broken Compass every week! 

As always, if you desire to play weekly trivia, there's no requirement to participate in the tournament and you can still win weekly gift card prizes! We're looking forward to once again seeing the intelligence of our trivia contestants, so put on your drinking caps and join us this coming Tuesday, Oct. 17th, at 7 PM for the greatest trivia in all the land!