Broken Compass presents the first ever CITRUS CHALLENGE, a fierce battle to the end of the keg between two juicy warriors.

Citrus Challenge.jpg

The Challenger:

GrapeFruit Boot Double IPA - A double IPA loaded with hops, then shot up with juice from four whole grapefruits. A touch of zest from two of the fruits gives GrapeFruit the tang needed to hang with just about any punchy IPA in the ring. Delicious but untested.

The Reigning Champ:

"Blood Orange" Centennial IPA - With an impeccable record and in perhaps the best shape of its young life, Blood Orange enters the taproom as the heavy favorite due to its impeccable balance, crisp form and impressive stamina in drinkability.

The champion of this grudge match will have the honor of being Broken Compass's specialty IPA tapping at the 4 Year Anniversary Party on Saturday, May 19th!