Join us for the second ever Broken Compass Music Video Bingo!

This Monday from 7-9 PM, come out and grab your bingo card from our wonderful bartender/MC Erin Socks to play this fabulous game. Never played before? Here's how it works:

There are four rounds over the course of two hours, each with a different theme (i.e. 90s pop, movie soundtracks). Each round you’ll receive a new bingo card with. Keep a close eye on the projector screen and an ear for the music, when you hear a song on your bingo card, mark that square off. Just like in Bingo, when you have 5 in a row, you win! Shout “Bingo!'“, dance on a table and collect your prize.

Songs will be sung, beers will be drank and prizes will be awarded. Keep an eye out for teasers on upcoming categories for the coming weeks!