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Meet Our New Brewer On Monday Night Potluck


Meet Our New Brewer On Monday Night Potluck

As of this past Monday, we're thrilled to welcome Jason Wiedmaier to the Broken Compass family. 

Jason will be working with Ford (also a Jason, we now have two Jasons! Fromhere on out assume we'll refer to Ford as Ford and Wiedmaier as Jason) as head brewer as we continue to grow and expand the Broken Compass brand and collection of brews. It's a perfect fit for the brewery, as Ford and Jason already have experience working together from Ford's time assisting at Lone Tree Brewing in the Denver area (not to mention the balance Wiedmaier's well-groomed beard provides to Ford's gargantuan equivalent).

We'll be having a meet and greet with our awesome new head brewer this coming Monday during our weekly Monday Night Potluck (which is also Cajun themed, so whip up your best Louisiana based dishes!).

Jason opened Lone Tree in 2011 and served as head brewer and co-owner there for five years, during which time Lone Tree developed a passionate following in the south Denver area. Jason's passion for the craft has always been apparent in his homebrewing and work at Lone Tree, and his excitement only continues to grow as he works his way into Broken Compass's day to day operations.

"I would say first and foremost is the vibe," Jason said of his opportunity to work with Broken Compass. "The overall vibe, the employees the customers, the energy it's got. And then the creativity comes with that."

With a family background full of bakers and chefs, Jason brings a unique perspective to brewing. He's most excited about bringing a series of lagers (for which Lone Tree won a silver medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Fest) to the Compass, including an Oktoberfest and an India Pale Lager, but also loves taking baked recipes and turning them into ingredients in beer.

"That's where the Banana Cream Pie Belgian Tripel idea comes from. I've got maybe 30 of those," he said.

Jason's passion for teaching (he spent 12 years in Aurora public schools) is another major asset to Broken Compass, as he will eventually head up the soon to begin homebrewer's club. 

The team at Broken Compass is beyond ecstatic (seriously, see the picture above) to have Jason working with us and we hope you'll take the chance to come meet the newest member of our team this Monday night!