This week's Monday Night Potluck blog was cancelled due to the author succumbing to a potluck-induced food coma. 

Ahhh, we jest. We will say, however, that if all you phenomenal home chefs out there continue to supply such a wonderful smorgasbord each Monday evening, these fingers may soon be too fat to type. 

This week's turnout was one of the best yet, with an incredible spread including 16 dishes, excellent fare all over the table. In what is becoming a highly difficult feat, Nathan Claus's (no relation) Green Chile took first place with 40 points, narrowly edging out Rick Galgas's 2 Bangers And 2 Mash Surprise (which I'm fairly certain is what the sign-in sheet said?) who finished with 35 points. Tom's delectable Coconut Porter Chocolate Fondue (still drooling about) and BK Munger's Mac N' Cheese rounded out the podium with 23 points apiece.

Faced with a multitude of excellent competitors, Green Chile blasted past them all with a combination of spice and pork (which really never can go wrong). With no bacon on the menu (please read MNP Week 7 recap for a rant about bacon), Green Chile was able to hold on to its lead despite a late push from 2 Bangers And 2 Mash Surprise (is that really what that dish was called? Come on).

"It's like Thanksgiving every week," one excited potlucker said. "Except without the turkey, I guess. Or any of the other Thanksgiving dishes. But still."

Broken Compass would once again like to thank all of those who brought food for yet another amazing potluck. Here are all the awesome people and the dish they brought:

Dog House - Doggie Style Mac N' Cheese
The Groundwaters - Christmas Salad With Walnuts 
Tortilla Soup - Torilla Soup with Cotijo Cheese and Avocado
Mema's Latkes - Mema's Latke's (I'm starting to think that you guys may have misinterpreted the "Name" column of this week's sign-in sheet)
Stacey T. - Salad (leave it to the sensible person who brings a salad to correctly understand how to sign in)
The Redner Bunch - Red and Green Christmas Fettucine
Jess M. - Buter Spritz Cookies
BK Munger - Mac N' Cheese 
D Munger - Choco Chip Cookies
Nathan Claus - Green Chile
Kelly Russo - Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread
Grant Robinson - Pasta Carbonara
Nick Shaffer - Pad Thai
Isaac Manobla - Homemade Hummus
Tom - Coconut Porter Chocolate Fondue
Rick Galgas - 2 Bangers and 2 Mash Surprise

Monday Night Potlucks will continue next week (Dec. 22) at 6:30, with eating commencing at 7. We will be off the following week (Dec. 29). We can't wait to see what you make next! 

(Editor's note: Broken Compass Brewing's Monday Night Potlucks are popping off every Monday night, with eating starting between 6:30 and 7. We encourage everyone to contribute a dish every now and then, but everyone in the brewery is welcome to sample the food and vote for their favorite dishes. First place wins a 64 oz growler and fill, second place a 32 oz. growler and fill and third place a free pint. See you there!)