The first Monday Night Potluck of 2015 kicked off with a bang, as various foods struggled against each other to stake their claim as the most delicious food of 2015. 

And if 2014 was the Year of Bacon, it didn't take long for bacon's cousin, Pulled Pork, to take the driver's seat early in 2015. In a week rife with parity, Brian Munger's Pulled Pork Sandwiches held off the other contenders, eventually running away with a victory with 40 points. Two pasta dishes, Matt and Arielle's Brat Pasta and Dave Johnston's Lasagna, put up 25 points to tie for second place, while the 2014 favorite, bacon, could not be denied a podium spot, as Even and Crew's Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers recorded 23 points for the third place finish.

But, on a night when it was firing on all cylinders, nothing could outshine Pulled Pork Sandwiches (who were, in this author's humble opinion, aided mightily by the assistance of Hawaiian rolls. Nobody anywhere ever has disliked a Hawaiian roll. It's a fact). It was a hard-fought victory for Munger, a potluck semi-regular, and could propel him to his most successful potluck year yet. 

Broken Compass would once again like to thank all the chefs and potluckers  who brought food for yet another amazing potluck. Here are all the awesome people and the dish they brought:

Isaac and Genia - Mountain Pizza (what is Mountain Pizza? I still really don't know. Just know that it's delicious)
Cindy and Andy - Bella's Bacon And Beans (And Purple Potatoes)
Brian Munger - Pulled Pork (1st place)
Matt and Arielle - Brat Pasta (T-2nd)
Mike and Malia - Cornbread
Evan and Crew - Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers (3rd)
Dave - Lasagna (T-2nd) (Let's be clear, this lasagna included Italian sausage instead of plain, non-interesting ground beef. Which is how all lasagnas should always be made. I'm looking at you Mom)
Diane - Quiche - Hopefully It's Done (Diane's words, not mine)
Peter - Greenbean Casserole
Koz - Chips 
Nick Shaffer and Grant - Coconut Porter Ice Cream Floats
Jay Haggerty - Chili

Thanks again to everyone for coming out. Monday Night Potlucks will continue next week, Jan. 12, at 7 p.m., hope to see you all there!

(Editor's note: Broken Compass Brewing's Monday Night Potlucks are popping off every Monday night, with eating starting  around 7. We encourage everyone to contribute a dish every now and then, but everyone in the brewery is welcome to sample the food and vote for their favorite dishes. First place wins a 64 oz growler and fill, second place a 32 oz. growler and fill and third place a free pint. See you there!)