It was only fitting that on Columbus Day, Monday Night Potluck boasted exotic dishes from all over the world and full stomachs all over the Broken Compass taproom. 

In what was one of the tightest finishes in MNP history between 18 dishes, Doug Polanski's Korean Beef Tacos were finally able to pull away in the second half for the victory. Korean Beef Tacos were aided by a gutsy veteran effort from Flour Tortillas, who came off the bench to chip in during some crucial moments down the stretch, as well as an excellent showing from up and comer Lime Sauce. The trio's chemistry elevated KBT to 32 points and a narrow victory for Polanski (although reports are coming in that it was actually Doug's lovely companion Janette that contributed both the brains and brawn to the dish).

Sticking with the Asian theme, Jennifer Anderson's Oriental Slaw pulled in enough points (28) to snag second place, while Maria Galgas (a repeat winner from the season's first potluck) snared the final podium spot with delectable Columbus Day Cannoli Cups. Cannoli Cups beat out a phenomenal assembly of desserts that very nearly satisfied this writer's sweet tooth (not possible). 

But on this Monday night, no dessert could outshine the deliciousness that was Korean Beef Tacos.

"I'm not entirely sure why (Janette) put my name down on the sign in sheet, but I'm thrilled to be a champion," Polanksi said.*

*All quotes not word for word and possibly partially fabricated

As always, thanks to all our wonderful MNP chefs that made delicious grub this week. Here's the chefs and their dishes:

Nathan Claus - Bangin' Chile
Chris Runyon - Veggie Chile
BJ Cassidy - Blue Cheese/Caramelized Onions Squares
Annika Ledbetter - Cheesecake Nutella Bites
Anna Whitehurst - 3 Cheesy Bread
Cody Medina - Nutella & Raspberry Crepes
Mark Montgomery - Chile Rellenos
Doug Polanski - Korean Beef Tacos
Lucy Greene - 4-Layer Pie With Pecans
Claudia Richardson - Chilean Empenadas
Chelsie Givan - Oreo Salad
Mike Spies - Apple Blossom
Jerry and Ronda Westhoff - Roasted Vegetable Pasta
Jennifer Anderson - Oriental Slaw (2nd)
Maria Galgas - Columbus Day Cannoli Cups (3rd)
Alex Beach/Mia Tavduno - Apple Curry Soup
Kelci Gutierrez - Pasta Bites
Becky Walter - Crab Bruschetta

Potluck will continue next Monday night (Oct. 19, which, by the way, happens to be the day after Buckets' birthday, and any cake will be much appreciated. See sweet tooth note above) with eating commencing at or around 7 p.m., but we recommend showing up early to get a table. We can't wait to see what you bring next!

(Editor's note: Broken Compass Brewing's Monday Night Potlucks are popping off every Monday night, with eating starting around 7. We encourage everyone to contribute a dish every now and then, but everyone in the brewery is welcome to sample the food and vote for their favorite dishes. First place wins a 64 oz growler and fill, second place a 32 oz. growler and fill and third place a free pint. See you there!)