We apologize for the lack of a recap this week, Buckets' computer charger broken so he's temporarily stuck with just his phone (that said, anyone have a spare MacBook charger lying around). But thanks as always to all of you who made delicious grub for the last week's potluck, here's your chefs!

Seth Cohen - Broken Compass Double IPA Cream of Stuffed Mushroom Soup
Warren and Samantha - Pesto Puffs (1st Place)
Tommy Peters - Jalapeño Cream Cheese Pizza
Abbe Gold - Turkey Minestrone Soup
Ho Chefs - Pad Thai Spring Rolls (3rd Place)
Chelsea - Thai Cashew Coconut Rice With Ginger Peanut Sauce
JT - Orange Poppy Seed Ricotta Cookies (2nd Place)
Nana - Potatoes And Roast Beef
Lovelys - Choco Chip Cookies