It's a timeless lesson in cooking (or anything, really): Moms always win.

It's impossible to pinpoint exactly why mom-cooked-meals are superior. They just are. Maybe the secret ingredient is nostalgia. Or the experience gained over years of momming. Or the extra love and care that goes into the preparation. 

Whatever the reason, Samantha and Warren put it to full use to conquer the 21st weekly Monday Night Potluck last week with My Mom's Pulled Pork, a delicious, carnivorous dish that took the better part of the previous 24 hours to prepare. Samantha credited her mother (also in attendance) with the recipe.

Mom's Pulled Pork beat out stiff competition from a number of dishes, most notably John, Shelby and Ford's Baked Bacon Mac N' Cheese (a cousin of last week's winner) and Paula and Tom's Sweeeeeeeet Potato Casserole (extra E's added by author to emphasize that, holy hell, this casserole crazy sweet), which placed second and third, respectively. Justin's Smoked Salmon, a true revelation in its own right, narrowly missed the podium, finishing just two points behind Sweeeeeeeeet Potato Casserole. 

But despite the plethora of delicious foods loading the table, the result was really never in question. Don't mess with Moms. 

As always, a huge thank you goes out to all who brought food and made it another successful and delicious MNP. You rock. Here's the potluckers and their foods:

Warren and Samantha - My Mom's Pulled Pork (1st Place)
Lunds - My Dad's Guac (the lesson, again: Moms always win)
Finns - Browkie (which, I believe, was a combo cookie-brownie that was so gooey it should have just been scooped up with your bare hands. In other news, I loved it)
Heather and Linda - Wild Elk Chili 
Nancy Redner - Chinese Almond Salad
Aaron Redner - Red's St. Paddy's Cookies
Derek Snook - Tater Tot Hot Dish 
Scarlet Jones - Meatballs
Tessa Neal - Mediterranean Salad
Isabelle - Chicken Oriental Salad
Brian Munger - Sticky Honey Lime Chicken Wings
Kathy Munger - Peanut Butter Pie (which combined two of my absolute favorite things into one of my absolute favorite thing)
Paula and Tom - Sweeeeeeeeet Potato Casserole (3rd Place)
Grant Robinson - Pigs On A Date (which wins the award for "Most Creative Name")
Maggie Vander Pol - Avocado Tomato Salad
John, Shelby and Ford - Baked Bacon Mac N Cheese (2nd Place)
Buck Beatrous - Chicken Parm
Justin - Smoked Salmon
Rick and Maria - St. Paddy's Pasta