Monday night marked yet another monumental occasion for potluck history. 

For the first time ever, three women swept the podium at Monday Night Potluck, flexing their cooking muscles with three excellent and innovative dishes. 

Mariel Galgas' Caramel Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Bars (CCCSSB) led the way, recording 51 points for the victory. Heather Wickstrom's Major Mexican Lasagna, which bravely combined two ethnic cuisines never seen in tandem before, posted 37 points, good for second, while Linda Ralston's Gorgonzola Pecan Grapes (which, I still don't really understand what these were, but they were delicious) rounded out the podium with 32 points. 

It was a tight battle for the top spot, but CCCSSB managed to pull away with some last minute gooeyness, chocolateyness and general deliciousness. The chemistry between Chocolate and Caramel was evident down the stretch run, and manifested itself in yet another potluck victory for desserts. 


L. Dennis - Hawaiian Ham/Cheese Sliders 
Brian Dube (Apt. 5 gang) - Chicken/broccoli Ziti
Heather Wickstrom - Major Mexican Lasagna (2nd Place)
Linda Ralston - Gorgonzola Pecan Grapes (3rd Place)
Mariel Galgas - Caramel Chocolate Chip Sea Salt Bars (1st Place)
Scarlett Jones - Papa's Potato Salad
Danielle and Samantha and Warren - The Elvis
Ashley and Joel White - Pineapple Dip
Alli and Richard - Veggie Mac N' Cheese