With a recipe straight from a golf pro, Rinker's Bogey Free Chicken Chili rose to the top of the potluck crop Monday night.

Matt Kelly, in his Monday Night Potluck debut, took first place with Rinker's Bogey Free Chicken Chili (which a quick Google search reveals to be that of Larry Rinker, not his brother Lee or sister Laurie, all of whom apparently were professional golfers at one point or the other).

A quick inspection of the delicious Chicken Chili (read: shoveling it into the mouth by the spoonful) revealed it to be truly bogey free, as it shot an under par 25 to outpace the other competitors. 

Miranda Sprague's Dad's Famous Crab Stuffed Mushrooms narrowly claimed second place with 21 points, and will now be truly famous after its inclusion in this well regarded, widely read potluck blog (all seven of my readers will remember you and your crab stuffed mushrooms, Dad). 

The A-Team's Porky Pig Balls claimed the final spot on the podium, recording 19 points with its juicy combination of ground ham, ground bacon, and ground beef covered in some type of tangy barbecue sauce (which should really be the three key ingredients to any dish, don't you think?)

As always, thanks to everyone who brought food to another amazing potluck. Here are all the potluckers and their dishes:

Miranda Sprague - Dad's Famous Crab Stuffed Mushrooms (2nd Place)
Kim Hawks - Chocolate Khalua Cake
Matt Kelly - Rinker's Bogey Free Chicken Chili (1st Place, verifiably bogey free)
Noah Coleman - Baked Mac
The A-Team - Porky Pig Balls (3rd Place)
Nancy - Red Lobster Shrimp Alfredo and Biscuits
Luke - Bacon, Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

Potluck will continue next Monday night (May 25) with eating commencing at or around 7 p.m., but we recommend showing up early to get a table. We can't wait to see what you bring next!

(Editor's note: Broken Compass Brewing's Monday Night Potlucks are popping off every Monday night, with eating starting around 7. We encourage everyone to contribute a dish every now and then, but everyone in the brewery is welcome to sample the food and vote for their favorite dishes. First place wins a 64 oz growler and fill, second place a 32 oz. growler and fill and third place a free pint. See you there!)

The winners(from left to right) the A-Team, Miranda and Matt

The winners(from left to right) the A-Team, Miranda and Matt