WE WON A MEDAL!!!!!!!!

But seriously, GABF 2015 was another huge success for Broken Compass and not just because our Coconut Porter won a bronze medal in the Field Beers category. 

It truly is special to pour at the fest each year and see and hear the love we receive from all of our fans throughout Colorado. Many of the volunteers at the fest are from the Denver area and it's a joy to have them flock to our booth (one of about 400!) on their breaks, as well as non-volunteer beer lovers who have enjoyed a pint in our little taproom. Without the support of all of you guys and gals we would not be able to continue to do what we love. 

Keep spreading the good word, and we'll keep making good beer for you to enjoy with good friends in our taproom up in Breckenridge. It's been a wonderful (almost) year and a half and it's only going to get better from here. 


The Broken Compass Team