March Madness is truly upon us.

In the first Monday Night Potluck of this delightfully hectic month, Broken Compass played host to one of the best potlucks of the season to date.

A mere eight points separated the top four dishes, while 11 of the 18 finished with double digit points. The competition came down to two delicious pulled porks and one double chocolate cake, loaded with so much chocolate even your regular potluck blogger (a notorious sweet tooth) thought it was delightfully rich. 

The pork off pitted two dishes, The Dirty Duke BBQ and Pork Tacos against each other in a clash of styles. Dirty Dukes utilized a more traditional BBQ route, bolstered by the presence of Sweet Baby Ray himself to blow away palates and wow potluckers. Pork Tacos, meanwhile, brought a fresh take to pork, with a Mexican zest and delicious salsa to sprinkle on top of horribly cute mini tortillas (which had to be home made. Or at least, this blogger has never seen them in grocery stores or that's all that would be in my pantry. Stupid cute). 

When the votes were tallied, Dirty Duke came away with slight two point victory over Double Chocolate German Chocolate Cake and Pork Tacos. But upon further review, the Dirty Dukes were stripped of their first place victory due to likely voter collusion (and because the creators happened to be Monday Night Potluck emcee Daniel "Buckets" Miller-McLemore's family, who certainly don't need any more growlers). 

Anne Marie's German Chocolate Cake swooped in for the victory, while Sarah and Jack's Pork Tacos took second and claimed the Pork Off title. Seth Cohen's Coconut Porter Red Curry Chicken nailed down third place with 26 points. 

As always, we thank our amazing potluck chefs who supplied the grub for the evening. You rock.

Beth Groundwater - Kitchen Sink Slaw
Carolyn Magsson - Aussie Chicken And Rice
Chris Miller-McLemore - The Dirty Duke BBQ (1st Place/Disqualified)
Chantal and BIll Kirkhoff - Veggie Ranch Tortilla Pinwheels
Dave and Judy Sutton - Southwest Ranch Chicken & Bacon Salad
Bridget Cavanaugh - Pizza!!!
Loren Richardson - Spaghetti Pie
Sarah and Jack - Pork Tacos (3rd/2nd Place)
Katie Schroeder - Nutter Butter Butterfinger Cheesecake Bars
Tom Greiner - South O' Border Bean Dip
Seth Cohen - Coconut Porter Red Curry Chicken (4th/3rd Place)
Maria - Salad w/ Fennel Shaved Parm & Almonds
Vicki - Philly Chicken Cheese Dip
Amanda - DONUTS!
D... - Tortillas
Anne Marie - Double Chocolate German Chocolate Cake (2nd/1st Place)
Chris - (unreadable by this author)
Else - Scones