Despite a near potluck disaster that saw the tragic loss of a Crock Pot and some delightful pulled pork (prepped by Mike Cardone), Broken Compass potluckers overcame adversity to hold another delightful Monday Night Potluck.

Due to the last minute cleaning and general hectic nature of the potluck, your trusty MNP blogger was unable to sample any of the yummy treats provided by our excellent chefs. Tom Greiner's Chili Blanco took first place by a narrow five points over Heidi Ashton's Apple Crisp, while Matt Wardlaw's Smoked Salmon, Gouda and Fig Crackers reached the podium as well. The full list of dishes and cooks is below. We'll see you tonight at 7 for another potluck! (this time, no broken Crock Pots)

Bo Rocco - Trout Pate
Tom Greiner - Chili Blanco (1st Place)
Heidi Ashton - Apple Crisp (2nd Place)
Gyde (spelling? who knows) Lund - Chicken Pesto Pasta
Samantha and Warren and Chelsea - Rosemary Garlic Taters
Ashley B - Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes
Katie Schroeder - S'mores Bars
Maria Galgas - Zucchini and Onion Pie
Kirk P - Chicken and Potatoes
Christine Broyhill - Cajun Jambalaya
Matt Wardlaw - Smoked Salmon/Gouda/Fig Crackers (3rd Place)
Andrea Jordan - Pulled Pork & Citrus Slaw
Justin - Brussel Sprouts
Rachel D - Chicken Fajitas w/ Green Chilis
Team Team - Beer Cheese Soup