In one of our favorite annual traditions, Broken Compass is releasing a Wet Hop Pale Ale on Wednesday, Sept. 13th. 

All the members of the brewery are even more excited about this year's batch, which for the first time ever was brewed with ingredients entirely from Colorado. One hundred pounds of the freshest, most delectable Cascade and Chinook hops from Highwire Hops, in Paonia, CO and almost 700 pounds of yummy grains from our pals at Root Shoot Malting in Loveland, CO were used in the brewing process to create the most locally sourced beer you can find! Cascade and CTZ hop pellets from Highwire were also used in the dry hopping of this brew, which will be particularly pungent as a result of those freshly picked hops used in the initial brewing.

For a little more background about wet hopping, or fresh hopping, we're going to turn you over to our bearded brewer Robert O. Wallace, a handsome hunk of a man whose beard actually increases his brain capacity for beer knowledge as well as his body capacity for beer consumption. It's science. 

Join us Wednesday for this specialty tapping and get it the Wet Hop while it's at it's freshest and most flavorful!