Join us for a special MLK weekend Sunday afternoon at Broken Compass on Jan. 15th.

Get your drank on with us and Grass Sticks, an amazing company out of Steamboat Springs that builds custom ski poles (and SUP paddles) out of bamboo. Which, if you were previously unaware, not only provides a massive performance upgrade from your traditional carbon fiber and aluminum ski poles in terms of flexibility and strength, but also provides a massive upgrade in our beloved realm of sustainability. 

You can join the 'boo club soon! Grass Sticks will be helping you build your own custom bamboo ski poles from 1-8 PM at our taproom this Sunday, for just $89 plus buy one get one free beers! If you're presently full of poles and don't need any (yet, until those aluminum poles crease or break), come by and snag a beer while you take in the process, it's a joy to watch (and really, what isn't when you have a delicious brew in hand). 

Also, our weekly Acoustic Sunday set is pumping out the jams from 6-8 PM Sunday night, when Lance Swearengin graces the metaphorical stage and graces your non-metaphorical ears with groovy tunes. 

So enjoy your extra day off this weekend and celebrate with us at Broken Compass!