It is with heavy hearts that we announce our beloved brewer, Rob O. Wallace, is departing Broken Compass and Colorado for new adventures in the Smoky Mountains.

Rob has spent nearly the last two years bringing an incredible energy to Broken Compass. His always-present enthusiasm made this place a better place to work for everyone involved, and in turn a better place to hang out for everyone who loves our beer. That beautiful mane of hair and beard, the boisterous laugh, those sexy thighs that saw way more daylight than they should have due to those short khaki shorts…it brightened all of our days. Except for the time when he shaved his beard into a truly disturbing mustache for his ski pass picture. That time was truly the worst, and we wouldn’t wish that sight on anyone.

But creepy mustache or no creepy mustache, the man knew how to brew a damn fine pint. Along with our resident head brewer Brandon Smith, Rob brought the people countless delicious brews over the last two years. His creativity in the brewery and the barrel house kept our tap list fresh and all of our palates pleased. We’re sad to see Rob go, and he will be sorely missed. But we’re also thrilled that the good people of Knoxville, TN, will get to share the fruits of Rob’s talents and labor, and can’t wait to see the awesome things that he will accomplish in the Smokies. Plus, we’re just going to send him sweet skiing pictures and videos to make him jealous until he has to move back.

Rob, we love you bud.