Colorado Craft Beer week is around the corner, and we're celebrating with a week full of specialty releases to celebrate the occasion! The week officially kicks off on Saturday, March 31st with Collab Fest 2018 in Denver. One of the coolest fests around, this unique affair features more than 100 unique and never-before-brewed beers and more than 200 breweries! If you can't make it to the fest, come visit our taproom all week starting Monday, April 2nd, to taste all of our collabs and specialty releases (actually, just do that anyway, it's a no-brainer)! Here's a glance at what we're tapping: 

Monday, April 2nd
SCUBA Gin-U-Wine

CO Pint Cay banner.png

Put 15 brewers in one room and this is the unique result. Plus, this year's Summit County United Brewers Alliance (SCUBA) collaboration brew includes Breckenridge Distillery for the first time ever! A big, beautiful 8.3% ABV wheat wine fermented with a Norwegian farmhouse yeast and infused with herbs and botanicals from the Breck Distillery's delicious gin. Slightly sweet booziness, followed by a tangy kiss of fruit and the light touch of pine and herbs. It's as rare and fleeting as they come so get it while you can! 

Monday Night Potluck - Cook With A Beer Theme!

What better than food and beer side by side? Food and beer mixed together, of course! There's no finer way to spice up your cooking chops than by mixing in some delicious brews. This week's Monday Night Potluck theme embraces that, as we celebrate Colorado Craft Beer week by using that delicious liquid to concoct the most delicious potluck dishes. Use Broken Compass beer, or another brewery's beer or hell, even that stale Coors Banquet that's been sitting in the backseat of your car since ski season started. If you can't cook with beer, that's fine too! Just make something delicious. As always, winners will receive free growlers and beers! 

Tuesday, April 3
Raspberry Hefeweizen

Need we say more? Our delicious Hefe is back, bursting full of those bold fruity notes and creamy body. And on this special occasion we're pureeing fresh raspberries to complement the base beer.

Wednesday, April 4 - Colorado Pint Day!
Centennial IPA

CO Pint Day poster.jpg

To celebrate Colorado Pint Day we're tapping our first ever single hop IPA! This light bodied IPA is brewed with delicious and dynamic Centennial hops and a light grain bill to allow the hops to shine through with lovely hints of citrus, grapefruit and a light pine touch. To benefit the Colorado Brewers Guild, we're selling an extremely limited edition of this new IPA in specialty glasses, with $1 per pint purchased going to the Guild, while the customer (you, hopefully!) gets to keep the glass! 

Thursday, April 5
TKB10K Baltic Porter

Another incredibly rare beer, outpaced in its rarity only by its delectability (did we just use delectability in a sentence? Look at us!). This porter comes to us courtesy of our head brewery Brandon Smith and his former employer Tommyknocker Brewery. For their 10,000th(!) ever brew, TKB brought in brewers past and present to create this beautiful Baltic Porter. Deeply roasty, smooth and malty sweet, it's a true feat of brewing that we're thrilled to be able to share with our customers. 

Friday, April 6
Pinky's Out Table Manners Belgian Style Table Beer

westfax collab.JPG

Closing out the week is our collab with Westfax Brewing Co. in Denver, which we'll also be serving at Collab Fest on March 31st. This light, sessionable, low alcohol beer was traditionally enjoyed by adults and children at meals. The modest grain bill and hopping allows the expressive yeast to really shine, while the use of Summer and Enigma hops and post-fermentation spicing with pink peppercorns, add a pleasant sweet and spicy notes that should complement the yeast and fruity hops.