Join us for the second ever Broken Compass Music Video Bingo!

We’ll be making this a routine Monday thing, so come out this Monday from 7-9 PM, come out and grab your bingo card from our wonder bartender/MC Erin Socks to play this fabulous game. Never played before? Here's how it works:

There are four rounds over the course of two hours, each with a different theme (i.e. 90s pop, movie soundtracks). Each round you’ll receive a new bingo card with. Keep a close eye on the projector screen and an ear for the music, when you hear a song on your bingo card, mark that square off. Just like in Bingo, when you have 5 in a row, you win! Shout “Bingo!'“, dance on a table and collect your prize. Songs will be sung, beers will be drank and prizes will be awarded.