The Monday Potluck Dinner season got off to a rollicking start last evening, as beer flowed and food was devoured at the Broken Compass taproom

Despite its humble origins, Matt Cox's Frito Chili Pie rose up from the bottom to carry the night. Chili Pie's seven votes edged out the two second place finishers, Angus Meatballs and Delicious (other descriptors are unknown or lost at this time) Empanadas, who both finished the night with six votes. In a strong opening performance, Autumn Moses, the creator of both Meatballs and Empanadas, also took fourth place with her I-don't-know-exactly-what's-in-them-but-oh-my-it's-incredibly-delicious-and-wait-is-that-a-ganache?-yes-yes-that's-a-ganache Cupcakes (editor's note: the author of this post remains in the dark about what exactly a ganache really is). 

Pork Green Chili, Jalapeno Popper Dip and Some Sort Of Tasty Meatloaf also made strong showings, while Generic Store-Bought Salsa and Cookies brought up the rear (and may or may not be now be residing in my pantry). 

Thanks and congratulations again to Matt, Autumn and everyone else who supplied the incredible dishes last night. We'll look forward to seeing you next week for the second Potluck, again at 6:30 (rumors of a Chocolate Khalua Cake are swirling).

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