Attention friends, beer and disco lovers, it's party time! Tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 24th) we are hosting a day long celebration of the birth of our esteemed boss and co-owner, David Axelrod (pictured here at a ripe age of 18. Note the difference in hair style). Festivities will begin at A Basin during the day (in shocking news, there will be beer) before moving to the Broken Compass taproom for a DISCO party starting at 7. Tastefully exposed chest hair, absurdly flashy sequins and ludicrous mustaches are strongly encouraged, as is any and all forms of dancing. The bartender (who may or may not also be writing this post) will award a free beer to his favorite 70s disco costume of the night. So break out those open-chested shirts and come on down, we can't wait to see you all there!