The Miller-McLemores - White Bean Chicken Chili
Jam and Jose and Sam and Carla - Cheesy Potatoes
Marina Knell - Brisket Rolls
Megan Lee - Butternut Squash Mac N Cheese
Kathryn Sabanos - Ruben Dip (1st Place)
James Young - Oreo Cheesecake Cupcake (2nd Place)
Claudia Richardson - Claudia's Bean Salad
Colleen Hoffman - G-ma Hoffman's German Chocolate Cake
Genia O'Dell - White Spinach Lasagna
Seth Cohen - Broken Compass IPA Sriracha Mac N Cheese
Jack Yeaton - Blood Orange Apple Jalapeño Chicken and Brie Sandwich (3rd Place)
Team Lovely - Breck Bourbon, Chocolate, Pecan Pie
Maria - Cheezy Toasty Brussels Sprouts
Amy - Brussel Sliders
The Hoe Chefs - Butt Nut Soup
The Bro Chefs - Tom Kha
Megan Drew - Lemon Hazelnut Tart