A severe Thanksgiving hangover kept the number of dishes at Monday night's potluck down, but couldn't do anything to curtail the deliciousness of the food itself. 

Six dishes took the field at Monday Night Potluck, and despite a fierce battle for the top three spots, Lucy's Monkey Bread finally ran away with a 36 to 24 to 20 victory over International Chicken Chili (made by Randy Koenig) and Green Chile Cheesy Potato Casserole (by Tommy Peters). 

Monkey Bread showed off the chemistry of a veteran unit, as the sugary, cinnamonny, gooey goodness gelled at the perfect time to pull off the MNP victory (for those of you who haven't had their eyes opened to the wonders of monkey bread, aka me, imagine a gooey doughy cinnamon roll type dish except way way better)

Meanwhile, the Thanksgiving leftover category was claimed by Da Palace's Send For It Turkey Soup, which monopolized the category and crushed the spirits of its competitors. 

Thanks again to every who brought food to the potluck! As always, here are the chefs and their dishes:

Tommy Peters - Green Chili Cheesy Potato Casserole (3rd Place)
Randy Koenig - International Chicken Chili (2nd Place)
Da Palace - Send It For Soup (Turkey Leftovers Winner)
Lucy - Monkey Bread (1st Place)
Maggie - Baked Pineapple
Team Lovely - Garlic Bread, Nuff Said