Bacon-related foods have finally battled their way back to victory in 2015.

After spending 2014 systematically conquering seemingly every Monday Night Potluck, Bacon had suffered through an uncharacteristic drought leading up to Monday night, finding virtually no success despite many attempts (see: Candied Bacon, Chocolate Bacon, Plain-ass Bacon). But a breakthrough finally occurred for one of the world's tastiest foods, although in a somewhat unexpected way. 

Bacon returned to its roots, utilizing a reliable food chemistry long-tested, presented with an innovative twist, in the form Kyle and Jen's BLT Bites (what, you ask, is a BLT Bite? A deliciously ripe cherry tomato, somewhat hollowed out and filled with bacon and lettuce and maybe something else that was delicious but I can't quite put my finger on). BLT Bites' convincing 39-point victory proves, as always, chemistry trumps talent.

While BLT Bites ran away with the win, a stiff battle ensued for the other podium positions. Killer Beets And Carrots and run-on sentence String Bean Carmelized Onion Portabella Bake Goat Cheese (SBCOPBGC), from veteran potluckers Nick Shaffer and Rick and Maria Galgas, respectively, eventually tied for second place with 28 points after a healthy battle (because they're vegetables, get it? Oh fine, I'll shut up). Heather and Ben's Jambalaya rounded out the podium with 24 points, narrowly edging Fresh Strawberry Sauce With Cheesecake (23 points), Kingcake Pastry (22) and Pistachio Cake (21).

As always, thanks to all who braved the snowy conditions Monday night to join us for another awesome potluck! The potluckers and their delicious dishes:

Kathy Munger - Fresh Strawberry Sauce With Cheesecake
Johnny Nevana - Brownies
Loni and Chris - Kermit & Miss Piggy Go To The Beach
Heather and Ben - Jambalaya (3rd Place)
Sam - Plant Sliders
Jose - Chips, Hummus, Cheese, Dip
Katlyn and Peter - Kingcake Pastry
Kyle and Jen - BLT Bites And Veggie Bites (1st Place)
Warren and Samantha - Buffalo Chicken Mac N Cheese
Rick and Maria Galgas - String Bean Carmelized Onion Portabella Bake Goat Cheese (T-2nd Place)
Kim Haller - Pistachio Cake
Lyndsey and Shervin - Steak Pita Bites with Tzatziki Sauce
Madelaine Tayer - Wicked Wonderlust Wings
Nick Shaffer - Killer Beets And Carrots (T-2nd Place)
Florina and Steph - Chicken Strips
Chantal and Alli - Chantalli's Sexy Chipotle Potatoes
Janet Healy - Super Sexy Sausage (sex and food sells, people)


From back to front: the winners, Kyle and Jen, second place Rick and Nick and third place Heather and Ben

From back to front: the winners, Kyle and Jen, second place Rick and Nick and third place Heather and Ben