The beer-loving community of Breckenridge and greater Summit County spent the week in remembrance of another dear friend's passing.

Broken Compass's Bourbon Barrel Aged Brown Ale, just four weeks old, passed away last week, a victim of being too damn delicious. Barrel Aged Brown is survived by his father, Jason Ford; his brother-from-another-mother, FDFH Brown; and his many cousins still on tap at Broken Compass (

With only two kegs available, Barrel Aged Brown seemed destined from the beginning to be short-lived. And at 8.5 percent alcohol-by-volume (ABV), Brown never shied away from his reputation as a lover of parties, no doubt contributing to his early passing. 

"I definitely had a few crazy nights with Mr. Brown," Broken Compass beertender Dr. Buckets remembered wistfully. "He did that with everyone, every night. He just lived to have fun. That's who he was and nobody was going to stop him."

Even in its short time on tap, Barrel Aged Brown wowed with his eminent drinkability. The undertone of dark oak, a hint of sour, then the sweet bourbon finish often left Broken Compass patrons with tingling toes and taste buds, expressions of joy, love and longing left on their faces for hours. 

The Broken Compass family and staff will remember Barrel Aged Brown fondly, the last remaining drops of beer from the first ever batch brewed on the brewery's large system. Initially born the FDFH Brown, Barrel Aged Brown was separated from his twin at birth, with half the batch kegged and put on tap in the first weeks of the brewery's existence.

Barrel Aged Brown, however, was due for another incubation period. Following fermentation, Brown was left to sit in Breckenridge Distillery Bourbon barrels for eight and a half months, giving him the time necessary to round into his final, delicious self. 

And despite his early passing, Barrel Aged Brown paved the way for other barrel aged beers to make their way to Broken Compass's taps. A dark saison, barleywine and Trappist Trippel are following in Brown's footsteps in bourbon barrels while Coconut Porter is currently aging away in rum barrels. Barrel Aged Brown also left behind the hopes for a son, with multiple barrels still carrying the original FDFH Brown.