With Ullr Fest on the horizon and snow in the forecast, it was time to take it back to the hearty basics.

A throwback to the good old days of huddling around the hearth, Mom's Bean Dip warmed stomachs, hearts and senses of nostalgia Monday night, taking home first place in the second Monday Night Potluck of the new year in a landslide victory. 

It was the first MNP win for Stu and Sadie, and also for their absent mother, who's Bean Dip used an excellent combination of refried beans, Velveeta cheese, ground beef and other assorted spices and meats to crush the competition. 

"It was like the bean dip my family makes on Thanksgiving, only made with care, and love, and actually decent ingredients," one potlucker said wistfully. 

To bring a little bit of health conscientiousness to the potluck, Claudia Richardson's Roasted Squash edged out a narrow second place victory over Warren and Samantha's S'more Casserole, which took that health conscientiousness and deliciously smashed it bits for another podium finish.

As always, thanks to everyone who brought food for the potluck. We're doing it again tonight on MLK Day, hope to see you there! Here are the chefs and they're dishes:

Megan Drew - Shoo Fly Pie
Claudia Richardson - Roasted Squash (2nd Place)
Warren and Samantha - S'more Casserole (3rd Place)
Andrea Reilly - Carrot Soup
Kathleen and Steve - Avo Dip
Stu and Sadie - Mom's Bean Dip (1st Place)
Shelby and Maggie - Under The Breckenridge Sun Soup
Phil Lindeman - Chili
Joaquim - Cheesy Acorns