We apologize for the lack of a Monday Night Potluck recap this week, Buckets' computer decided to take an extended siesta. However, it was another delicious potluck to kick off the new year, with many incredible dishes. Two new faces podiumed, but it was an old hand that took home first place, as Seth Cohen's Turkey Enchiladas With Chocolate Coffee Stout took home first place! Thanks to everyone who brought food, we're doing it again tonight at 7! As always, here's the chefs and their dishes: 

Melissa/Chris - Cabbage - Chorizo White Bean Stew
Nicholas Castella - Ham And Cheese Bread (3rd Place)
Jake and Erin - Homemade Pepperoni And Parmesan Pretzels With Broken Compass Chili Pepper Pale Ale Cheese Dip (Congratulations on the longest name in the history of MNP!)
Ken and Liz - Pulled Pork With Onion And Rolls
Wickstrom? I can read this handwriting at all - Cream Cheese With Cranberry Relish
Megan Drew - Maple Juniper Berry Cookies
Warren and Samantha - Cheesy Meatballs
Abbe Gold - Parmesan Pasta Salad
Seth Cohen - Turkey Enchiladas With Chocolate Coffee Stout Sauce (1st Place)
Maria - Unknown
Alli and Dylan - Aladdin's Wet Dream
Sarah and Jack - Curried Butternut Squash Soup (2nd Place)
Marc Ward - Pulled Pork Rolls
Sea. Griffin - Cookie Monstars
Erin S. - Brownie Boos