In a shock to absolutely nobody, Maria Galgas's Mini Peanut Butter Cheesecakes won a commanding victory at last week's Monday Night Potluck. 

An MNP juggernaut, Maria's desserts are renowned across the potluck land for their deliciousness, so when competitors saw her name on the same line as "Cheesecakes" and "Peanut Butter" and "Mini", it was nearly a foregone conclusion. 

With second place up for grabs, however, the remaining dishes held an admirable battle. Sara's Baby Pot Pies clawed their way to the podium, outlasting Mama's Pot Pie in a hearty, chicken-centric pot pie battle, claiming second place with 20 points. Kim and Jen's Salad de Potluck was a late arrival, meanwhile, but managed to secure enough votes for third place while presenting eaters with a different tasty surprise in every bite (seriously, I still have no idea what combinations of foods and flavors were in that salad). 

Delicious as always, and make sure to join us tonight (Feb. 8) for our Cajun themed potluck and to meet our new head brewer, Jason Wiedmaier! (

Loren - Chillin Chilladas
Cliff - Mama Pot Pie
Sara - Baby Pot Pies (2nd Place)
Sarah/Jack - Lil' Smokeys
Samantha and Warren - Mom's Coleslaw
Maria - Mini Peanut Butter Cheesecakes (1st Place)
Tarek/DBallz - Ballz's Beans
Kim and Jen - Salad de Potluck (3rd Place)