When a serious group of crockpots get together, a delicious potluck is on hand.

That was the case at this week's Monday Night Potluck, which featured a whopping eight slow cooking dishes, nearly half of the 17 dishes supplied on the evening. In the end, both crockpot and non-crock dishes became champions on this potluck evening, with Claudia Olea's Creole Chili and Dirty Rice claiming a victory in the Cajun category while JT and Lucy Beth's Mini King Cake Rollups took first in the general potluck. 

King Cake Rollups stole the narrow victory from Tomato Pie, which also managed to podium over many delightful slow cooked foods, while a certain Mystery Guest took third with Creole Greek Okra. 

But on Mardi Gras week, nothing could dim the Cajunness of Creole Chili and Dirty Rice, which combined the scrumptious heartiness of a chili with the spicy zestiness of Cajun cooking to run away from the rest of the Louisiana-based dishes. 

Join us next week for our Valentine's/President's Day themed potluck this coming Monday! And as always, here's our awesome chefs from this past MNP: 

Jackie and Kim and Sam and Justin and Matt - The Best King Super Cookies Ever
Trish Streicher - Mac & Cheese
Megan Matza - Goat Cheese Bruschetta
Greta Shackelford - Spinach Salad
Chelsea Vendegna - Veggie Enchilads
JT and Lucy Beth - Mini King Cake Rollups (1st Place)
JT and Lucy Beth - Cranberry Orange Bundtcake
Super Bowl Leftovers - Pizza Dip
Russ Schissler - Quinoa Enchilada Casserole
Richard and Jess - Tomato Pie (2nd Place)
Kate, Jessie, Kathy - Hotter Than Yo Mama's Hummus
Mike Spies - Chicken Marsala
Claudia Olea - Creole Chili and Dirty Rice (Cajun Champion)
Mystery Regular - Creole Greek Okra (3rd Place)
J. Haggerty - Gumbo
Seth Cohen - Turkey Meatballs w/ Chocolate Coffee Stout Mushroom Bacon Cream Sauce
Jamie Machowicz - Cheese Dip and Pretzel Chip Cookies