The Leap Day edition of Monday Night Potluck did not fail to live up to its much-hyped billing. 

In a meat and sweets filled affair, meats carried the day, as all three podium finishers narrowly beat out a plethora of scrumptious desserts on night that happens just once every four years. 

One of the most parity-filled potlucks of the season ended with a three point spread separating the winners. Carolina BBQ Sliders, Stuffed Meatball Parmesan and Ham With Spiced Bourbon Cherry Glaze all duked it out for the top spot, each throwing haymakers into the late rounds. BBQ Sliders classic Carolina sauce brought a refreshing twist on the typical tomato based sauces Monday Night Potluck usually sees, and gave it an early advantage.

Not to be denied, Ham and Meatballs fought tooth and nail to hang with BBQ Sliders. Meatballs' chemistry with its delicious cheese stuffing (because really, when is meat and cheese not the right thing to eat. The answer is never. It's always the right thing to eat) caused problems defensively for the rest of the potluck's dishes, while Ham's delicious Bourbon Cherry Glaze made taste buds too drunk to care about what else they were eating. 

In the end though, BBQ Sliders' depth proved to be too much as it eked out a 26-24-23 victory over Meatballs (2nd) and Ham (3rd). It was a meat off for the ages. 

Honorable mentions go out to all the delicious desserts that finished off the meal for the bloated and delighted potluckers. 

Barnhart - Carolina BBQ Sliders (1st Place)
Dever - Southern Pimento Cheese
Cassels - Vegetable Salad
Chris Hershey - Crazin Pesto
Katie Schroeder - Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies
Angelina - Blueberry Peach Dump Cake
Kelsey Miller - Spinach Artichoke Dip
Tom Greiner - Thai Chicken Pizza
Nate Murphy - Cake With Fancy Label
Tommy Peters - Baked Green Chile Mac N Cheese
Mike Spies - Ham w/ Spiced Bourbon Cherry Glaze (3rd Place)
Jen and Kim - Decadent Peanut Butter Bars
Samantha and Warren - PB&J French Toast Bites
Rick - Stuffed Meatball Parmesan (2nd Place)
Arkady - Crack & Cheese
Calhoun - BBQ Slider