With the residuals of love hanging in the air, Monday Night Potluck was up for grabs. 

A spread of three points separated the top three dishes last night during the Valentine's/President's Day potluck, as potluck chefs poured all their love into their dishes. 

Karlie McLaughlin's BLT Love Bites fought tooth and nail for the climactic one-point victory, finally claiming the top spot with a delightful presentation of the bacon, which was formed into mini hearts on top of the neatly packaged BLTs. 

Despite a mighty push from the superbly glazed Maple-Dijon Salmon, Bacon Mac managed to cling to second place, finishing two points ahead of the fish. 

Thanks as always to the chefs who whipped up delicious food for the potluck! You all are awesome. The chefs: 

Lana McLaughlin - Breck Bourbon Balls
Karlie McLaughlin - BLT Love Bites (1st Place)
Linda Ralston - Bernie's Spicy Deviled Eggs
Samantha Warren - Washington's Wieners (T-President's Day Wiener)
Team Sully - Bacon Mac (2nd Place)
Team Vargo - Toasty Turds
Tommy Peters - Washington's Favorite Buttery Garlic Cauliflower (T-President's Day Winner)
Lauren Parsons - Homemade Samoa Cookies
Chris Hershey - Maple-Dijon Salmon (3rd Place)
Anonymous - Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon