We apologize for the lack of a Monday Night Potluck blog this week. The author's fat finger were too lazy to type after the heavy influx of potluck grub from last week's MNP. Congratulations to Buck Stardusky and his merry band of Coconut Curry Lentils which stole first place from the plethora of delicious desserts that created the sugar overload from which I am only now just crashing, and to Matt and Christine's cheesy Smoked Gouda & Pancetta Pizza (2nd place) and Jesse and Kate's Whiskey Chili (3rd place). See, that sentence was not even close to grammatically correct, this blog must end.

Shout out to all who brought delicious dishes! See you all this evening for German night! 

Don Wood - Green Chili
Maria Mattera - Maria's Not So Mexican Chicken Enchiladas
Marisa R. - Peanut Butter Block
Jesse and Kate - Whiskey Chili! (3rd Place)
Buck Stardusky - Coconut Curry Lentils (1st Place)
Katie Schroeder - Chocolate Eclair Cake
Brittany Wilson - Cookies & Cream Cookies
Heidi and James - Oreo Cheesecake
Tom Greiner - Jimmy Dean Dip
Jake Fockelman - Tipsy Mud Pie
Warren and Samantha - Collard Greens
Warren and Samantha - Jambalaya
Matt and Christine - Smoked Gouda & Pancetta Pizza (2nd Place)