As you have undoubtedly heard by now (because you are cool, hip and socially connected), we at Broken Compass are throwing a big ol’ birthday party to commemorate our wonderful second year of existence. To those wondering whether it’s tacky to throw yourself a party, we respectfully counter that as long as it’s badass enough (read: everyone is drunk enough), no one will care. 

When we first opened our doors to the public in May 2014, we had one simple goal: brew beer to drink ourselves and sell the leftovers so we could make more. And so far, we’re happy to report that we’ve succeeded.

But we couldn't have done it without the love and support of our friends, families and, most of all, you, the awesome people of Breck, Summit County and broader Colorado. Hell, we’ll even throw some love to the Texans who have stumbled through our doors – you guys kick ass, too, except for that one cowboy who kept asking why we didn’t serve Bud Light. That guy most definitely sucks.

So – on Saturday, we cordially invite you in and around our taproom to celebrate your support these past two years and our continued ability to provide you (and ourselves) with excellent beer. We're roping off the parking lot around our building and having ourselves a block party. 

Festivities begin at 10 a.m. with Kegs N' Eggs, which is exactly how it sounds except better. The first 50 beer drinkers through our doors will earn themselves a free breakfast burrito, catered by the one and only Five Star Catering. Burritos may be accompanied by our Chili Pepper Bloody Mary's, served up specially in the brewery to get your day under way. 

Can't make it by 10? What the hell is wrong with you?! Kidding, kidding. Don't sweat it, because we're roasting a whole goddamn pig big enough to be devoured by approximately 300 people.

Did I say we? I meant we’re leaving those duties to the always awesome Moe's BBQ. Don't let us near fire. Or pigs, for that matter. That epic pork and a heaping plethora of sides will be ready around 1 p.m., and that entire delightful piggy is FREE. You’re welcome.

Can’t make it for the free pig? The nerve of you people. But we’ve got you covered, as Moe’s will continue to sell food on premise once the free pig is all gone, and we mean that quite literally, as last year we even ate the damn snout.

"Cool," you say, "I can always get down with some free food. But is that it?"


You seem like an edumacated person – you’re reading this high prose after all, so that's a good sign – so you probably like music, right? Well, good news for your ears, because we have a whole day of awesome live music on tap. We're thrilled to be hosting a host (shut up) of local artists: Cody Wayne, DJ CYN, The Hollywood Farmers and Blue Monkey 22 will be serenading your eardrums all day long in the sweet sunshine behind the brewery. 

"What the hell, this is starting to sound like a festival. Isn't this a brewery?” you mutter to yourself. "What about the actual beer?" Well, we're thrilled you asked, because Ford and Wiedmaier are laying it all out there for our birthday.

Along with all of our usual suspects, we'll be tapping specialty beers every two hours at an extra tap in the brewery. These will include favorites from our Wacky One Off Wednesdays like the Peanut Butter Banana Hefeweizen, Mandarini Houdini (Mandarin Double IPA), Mango Pale Ale and Chocolate Cherry Stout. We'll also be serving up beers at two separate stations behind the building, including an IPA-only station that will be pouring our Grapefruit IPA and a Mosaic IPA.

And heaven forbid us neglecting our fans of the Broken Compass Barrel Aged series – coming soon to a bomber near you. At the main bar, you'll find the finest selection of our Bourbon Barrel Aged FDFH Brown, Rum Barrel Aged IPA and the granddaddy of them all, a mother-f@%*ing Imperial Barrel Aged Brown that weighs in at a hair above 12 percent and will rock your socks off (even if they happen to be Broken Compass ski socks, which are notoriously non-rockoffable).

Last but not least, we'll finally be pouring a Nitro Coconut Porter at the main bar. You heard that right. Nitro. Coconut. Porter. 

So, yeah. In summary, it's going to be a pretty fun time, and we’d be delighted if you’d stop by.

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